Photo credit: Georgie Pauwels

Photo credit: Georgie Pauwels

Audience Insight


Customer data is crucial for informing audience and marketing strategy. I can work with you to identify appropriate market insight to inform customer strategy, and to understand and interpret that data in the context of your organisations. With experience of working closely with The Audience Agency I am experienced in using Audience Finder and can advise and support you in using that tool and maximising its impact in your organsiation.

Often, this available market insight needs to be enhanced with research directly with your audiences or your potential audiences. Usually focused on specific questions of change or development that you want to make. I can create a market research plan with you and manage that research project and work with you to interpret and use the findings.

On larger projects I work in association with The Audience Agency to create and deliver surveys, focus groups and other audience research.

An example: Barber Institute of Fine Arts

An example: The Shape of Things