We’ve benefited from your experience of the issues facing the sector, and been impressed by the effort you put into understanding the specifics of our particular situation and aspirations. 

Nicola Kalinsky, Director, The Barber Institute


Barber Institute of Fine Arts

project date

July 2015- June 2016

Project aims

To support the creation of a new 3 year audience development plan, including audience research and market insight.

Working on behalf of The Audience Agency



We worked with the Barber's staff team to support them in developing a new three year audience development plan. The process involved consultation with the staff team, stakeholders, volunteers and users of the Barber.

We used market insight to get a clearer understanding of both the local audience, and of audiences who might have easy access to the venue via public transport. We also carried out user and non-user consultation via focus groups in order to highlight what audiences most value about the organisation, and where there is the best potential to widen audience engagement. 


A new three year audience development plan


A better understanding of what people value about the Barber, and who to expand its impact. 


An action plan for new audience development initiatives, using action research to test out some new ideas.