Logo: BOLDtext Collective

Logo: BOLDtext Collective


BOLDtext are working playwrights who aim to create more opportunities and new platforms for their work in the Midlands and beyond.

Project Dates

Spring 2016


Project Aims

BOLDText were interested in creating an audience development strategy to support the organisation in growing its market, and diversifying the audience base.

Project delivered on behalf of The Audience Agency

Photo credit: Helen Kelly, BOLDtext meeting

Photo credit: Helen Kelly, BOLDtext meeting


BOLDtext wanted to get to grips with audience development - and the opportunities a focus on audience planning might have for them. The organisation is growing and changing and recognised that audience development could underpin that growth and help them achieve their aims. 

As a small organisation with limited resources of time, finance and capacity to deliver new initiatives, the project I delivered was designed to be lean, delivered through just two, highly focused and productive meetings. 

Additional support was provided in the analysis of market insight and supporting BOLDtext in obtaining and interpreting their customer data. 

Outcomes of the project included information to inform subsequent business planning plus an outline audience development strategy with a plan for further development.