Caroline is a fantastic mentor, colleague, and inspiring leader. She has really helped me focus and develop my practice, challenging and coaching me over the course of a year. 

Extend Leandership Participant, 2015-2016

Photo Credit: Chris Potter,

Photo Credit: Chris Potter,

Coaching and Mentoring


Audience development is about managing change. New relationships with audience usually mean organisations need to reassess what they are doing and why they do it, and be open to the creation of fresh ideas and approaches. Individuals often find they need support in the change process as well. Whether that be in implementing a new set of organisational objectives, through to more personal aims, such as achieving career goals.

Through coaching or mentoring I support individuals with,

  • career development or change
  • project delivery
  • skills development
  • new role adoption
  • leadership
  • and team management

I am an experienced mentor, with over ten years of experience in mentoring individuals, either on an individual basis, or via a programme of mentoring (such as the AMA mentoring programme or Extend). I am also a Cultural Leadership PCT accredited coach and been coaching clients since 2009.

I offer coaching or mentoring in person, by phone, by SKYPE or by Facetime. Programmes are developed in collaboration with the client and can last from 6 months to a year.

An example: Mentoring for Extend