Photo credit: Stijn Bokhove

Photo credit: Stijn Bokhove

Diversity Strategy and Audience Focused Planning


Throughout my career I have worked for and with organisations interested in putting audiences at the heart of what they do. Often, this means working with organisations to incorporate audience focused change through their practices, process and programmes. In particular I have worked with organisations who are interested in developing a more diverse audience, drawing on my experiences as Head of Marketing and Box Office at Theatre Royal Stratford East and working as a Research Bursar at sampad.

In recent months we are starting to see a resurgence in focus on diversity from funders and from arts anc cultural organsiations themselves. See my blog post, Diversity on the Agenda Again, which looks at this recent shift.  

I work with organisations to understand the potential of their diverse audiences and create actionable plans that help make more and more meaningful interactions with them. Diversity projects include some or all of the following:

  • an understanding of market insight and relevant diverse communities 
  • primary research to understand audiences of interest in more depth
  • exploration of programming and organsiation processes and how they connect with target audiences
  • setting appropriate targets and creating data collection stratagies to allow for monitoring and evaluation
  • action research initiatives to engage new audiences
  • working with artists and other stakeholders to create an organisation-wide approach to audience focus.

An example: The Shape of Things