Made in Corby Evaluation, Phase 1 & 2

from October 2016

Made in Corby is an arts programme that lets local people take the lead in experiencing and making high quality art. It is a Creative People and Places project, funded by Arts Council England, to develop arts engagement inareas where people have fewer opportunities to get involved with the arts. Creative People and Places is about more people choosing, creating and taking part in brilliant art experiences in the places where they live.

In October 2016, Made in Corby was one of seven CPP projects awarded additional funding to support the continuation of the programme for a further period.

I have be commissioned, with long-time associate Mary Clarke as the evaluation team for Made in Corby. 



Evaluation Framework

Mary and I will work together, and with the Made in Corby team, to identify a simple but thorough framework that will guide the evaluation. We will be looking at the data already available within the programme as well as identifying areas for data collection.


Primary Research

To support the evaluation, Mary and I will lead on the collection of new data. This will include easily available quantitative data, as well as qualitative data from audiences, participants, stakeholders and artists. The programme will include meetings, workshops and the collection of data through video.

Made in Corby 'Danny Hero', from 26th Oct 2016

Made in Corby 'Danny Hero', from 26th Oct 2016

Dissemination and sharing

As well as creating final evaluation reports, we will be working with the Made in Corby team to identify opportunities to share their journey. We want to make it easy for all Made in Corby stakeholders, to share their part of the story in ways that help them to build on the work and to answer the question:  'what next?'